May ’19: Interesting Newsletters I Subscribe To

Brain Food (Shane Parrish): Here is your weekly dose of Brain Food, a signal in a world full of noise.

Breaking Smart (VGR): Seeking serendipity through technology 

Buried Reads (Morrils): Buried Reads for Startups is sent weekly on Saturday morning. It includes the best blog posts that week from founders and venture capitalists. We read over 1,000 websites each week and share only the best reads we find. Subscribe now.

Hacker News Digest: The top stories on Hacker News in your inbox, daily

Monday Musings (David Perrel): A celebration of learning and curiosity 

On My Mind (Michael Dempsey): 5 things on my mind from the past week

RadReads (Khemaridh Hy): Newsletter about ambition and money.

Sinocism (Bill Bishop): “The presidential daily brief for China hands”

Snippets 2.0

A continuation of Snippets newsletter, which I wrote at Social Capital from 2015-2019. No keeping it going on my own. Weekly writing, links, and other stuff I post on

Alex Danco

Sunday Long Read (Don Van Natta): The best long-form journalism. Every Sunday 

The Browser (Robert Cottrell): Every day we read hundreds of articles and select the best five for you to enjoy, so you’ll always have something to read on the train and interesting things to say at dinner. 

The Internet is a City (Nadia Eghbal): Once a month, I send out an email with my latest writing, notes, and anything interesting I’ve read. Sign up and I’ll keep you posted on my work. 

The Story’s Story (Jake Seliger): As implied by this blog’s title, this site is about books, writing, and culture—the story of the story

What’s Next (Jordan Gonen): Interesting links that help you think about the future

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