2020 W13: YourStack, Twitter lists, online board games, and empty streets

Twitter List Timelines

I completely missed the announcement that you could make lists into timelines on mobile but glad to have stumbled upon it this week. This was always possible on TweetDeck but to have it on your phone has completely changed my mobile experience. I can finally go ahead and live out of the multiple lists (now timelines) I’ve spent so long curating and get the added benefit of cleaning up the following on my main account.

I wonder what the activation rate of this feature is for the average user is but power users are likely as delighted as I am. Lists finally have additional day to day usage.

I do wish a few things though: (1) instead of a “FOLLOWS YOU” I wish there was a “HAS YOU IN A LIST” or something and (2) showing interactions between people who are in different lists in those timelines.

My lists: https://twitter.com/varadhjain/lists


YourStack form the Product Hunt team I think is a very interesting product. It’s a social layer for “what’s in your backpack” so to speak.

There’s a few unique opportunities for the product:

  1. Mobile Stack: I’ve long held hope that somebody will build something fun around all the home screen screenshots (twitter is littered with these). Can do so many cool things like: what’s making it to the home screen, what’s getting taken off, automatically updating my stack when I add a screenshot, etc.
  2. Real Reviews: There needs to be a cooler version of G2 Crowd. As a part of this, there needs to be a software equivalent of unboxing videos – these should live on YourStack.
  3. Recommendation: It seems like there’s a version of this called ProTips (?) but it’s be hidden. (Who remembers FoodSpotting lol)

I’m excited for the future of this product acknowledging that nearly nobody has cracked any analogous version of this since Goodreads.

Online Board Games

Over the last week I’ve played a few hours of online board games with Secret Hitler being the most common. It’s been a lot of fun to play board games I’ve only played in-person, online. Downside is you have fewer body signals to learn from (for the social deception games) but highly recommend you give it a try too. Zoom + Secret Hitler

Empty Streets

Seattle’s pretty empty right now. It’s where I am holed up at the moment, and Lower Queen Anne feels somewhat deserted without all the cars and bikes. The only people I see are runners and dog-walkers when trying to catch some fresh air (other than the construction crew at Seattle’s Key Arena).

Reading / Watching

  • Delta-V by Daniel Suarez ⭐️⭐️
    • The book has been wonderful so far. Nathan Jois makes for a classic SV entrepreneurial story of great personal cost for a mission that most don’t not comprehend. The people (asscans here) to make the mission happen each have their own motivations (often financial) which are often not the same as the entrepreneur but nevertheless are critical like any other project. The space-related technology is not stuff I’m familiar with but seems plausible.
  • Ozarks S1 & S2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    • Re-watching the show in anticipation of the next season
  • The Sky is Pink (Netflix) 🌟
    • This Hindi movie was a heart-wrenching but very enjoyable. Sprinkled with lots of humor with softens the blow of the underlying tragedy, this was a great movie on Indian family dynamics which had tears in my eyes at many different points.
  • Altered Carbon S2 😐
    • I really enjoyed Season 1 but somehow couldn’t find myself able to get passed the second episode in Season 2. Gave up. Skipping the rest, sadly.


I’ve started exploring some new ideas. Catching with up many friends.


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