This blog consists of things I am thinking about, learning, and experiences. It’s a point of view.

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If you’re an ambitious rebel with a strong point of view, let’s chat: me@varadhja.in. See startups.

Some Professional History

Have had the chance to work at an array of exciting and meaningful companies which were tackling exciting problems with innovative solutions. More than anything else I love being a part of building something.

Currently a director at a small food manufacturing company.

Most recently, helped launch Home Loans at Opendoor where we had a unique opportunity to combine real estate and financing. Before that, worked on different parts of the business where I lead projects and cross functional teams around customer support and building new products around regulation & compliance. Initially hired for analytics & business operations.

Before that, I was on the founding team of Polymail (YC S16) and spent time at a seed fund in LA. Grew up in a few different countries got a BS in Mathematics/Economics at UCLA.

Anekāntavāda (Sanskrit: अनेकान्तवाद, "many-sidedness")