Investing in smart founders solving hard problems, usually pre-hype. Anekāntavāda: many-sidedness.

✅ XX improves how you hire (9)

👩🏽‍🏫 Primer is building the future of education (8)

💸 Alka makes personal finance enjoyable (7)

🔍 Certn gives you global background checks (6)

💰 Compound’s forecasting tools and equity advisors help you maximize the value of your stock options (5)

🚦 Flow Labs‘ mission is to eliminate congestion, improve traffic flow and give back time to everyone (4)

📶 Causal is a browser-based modelling tool (3)

SandboxVR is a full-body VR experience with friends (via Shrug Capital’s AL Syndicate) (2)

🐼 Panda gives you the ability to talk with superpowers (1)

💌 Polymail is a modern email client that works for you (0)

Select Co-Investors: Funds and people who’ve also invested in the above companies in the same round

  • Founders Fund
  • Coatue Management
  • Afore Capital
  • Weekend Fund
  • Resolute
  • 😇 Many angels incl.

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Varadh has been an incredible help to us in the short time we’ve known each other. A majority of our investors have come from introductions that Varadh made, and his advice + support has really helped us navigate the early stage that we’re at. – Taimur Abdaal (Co-founder, Causal)

Varadh is a trusted friend and I love spending time with him. Not only is he smart and ambitious, but he has a great heart and his energy is contagious. I’ve always counted on him for real talk and to constantly push me to improve as a person and leader. If you’re an early founder, I cannot recommend him enough as someone to share your journey with. – Patrick Lu (Co-founder, Playfull)

Varadh is one of the brightest, ambitious guys I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His unique product & strategic insight helped shaped many important decisions we made early on at Polymail! – Brandon Foo (Co-founder, Paragon & Polymail)