Life Update: Two Years @ Opendoor


Two years ago, I had a deadline hanging over my head to find a new job and renew my visa. Two years ago, I walked into Opendoor SF for the first time with a new job and mostly afraid of how I’d fit into a 200-person company having just wrapped up an adventure at a company of just 4.

Now, two years later, there’s a fast-approaching deadline to leave the US as my visa expires. Yesterday, I walked out of our San Francisco office for the last time as a full-time employee based in this city. Life is very full-circle sometimes.

I find myself feeling proud of where I’ve worked for the last two years, lucky for the awesome people I’ve met, and grateful for how I’ve grown just as we went from 200-1200 people.

During milestones like these, there’s a strong draw to reminisce and reflect and dive deeper: recounting impromptu moves to a different city, a late-night analysis, or an important memo/presentation. Aided by Slack conversations, photographs, paper docs, slide decks, etc., it’s become easier than ever to do look back—our work histories and thoughts brought back to life down to a very granular detail.  I’m pretty pumped about writing a few fun stories and lessons from these last two years and making it easily accessible, especially for myself.  It’ll fit perfectly into a quarter-life biography.

As to what’s next: Todays marks the start of Year 3; however, it’s also another first day in so many ways. I’m excited to be spending the rest of the year working out of our Dallas office before I head back to the motherland. So as to next year, there’s a few things in the works, and I’m excited to be able to share it early next year.

As one door closes, another one opens (pun intended). And onwards we go.

P.S On a side note, a Timehop for work would be pretty cool. If you know somebody with this as their project, do share 

Below are some random work related images. from the last few years. 

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