2020 W15: Exploring something new, Tool(s) du jour, and interesting links

Seattle @ Sunset (Unsplash) COVID-19's impact has changed so much. There's millions of people or the 10's of thousands of small businesses across the world who's trajectories are now changed forever - mostly negatively. I remain hopeful that this will make us stronger in the long-run even though it'll come at a tremendous cost. Exploring,… Continue reading 2020 W15: Exploring something new, Tool(s) du jour, and interesting links

2020 W13: YourStack, Twitter lists, online board games, and empty streets

Twitter List Timelines My home screen right now I completely missed the announcement that you could make lists into timelines on mobile but glad to have stumbled upon it this week. This was always possible on TweetDeck but to have it on your phone has completely changed my mobile experience. I can finally go ahead… Continue reading 2020 W13: YourStack, Twitter lists, online board games, and empty streets

2020 W4

I’m an operator exploring new ideas and investing in exceptional founders, usually pre-hype. Post investing, strive to be their first call until they’ve moved onto the next chapter. I've been an operator at startups for the last 4 years (mostrecently, Opendoor) focused on product, operations, and community.  I’m always looking to chat with people who are… Continue reading 2020 W4

Potential Startup Ideas for 2020

Some thoughts on Christmas from a coffee shop. A lot of these are problems I’ve been thinking about or directly encountered. International Visa Management  If you’re North American/European, this might not be as big a problem for you but if you’re not the process of getting visas is terrible.If anyone is building a plaid for… Continue reading Potential Startup Ideas for 2020

May ’19: Interesting Newsletters I Subscribe To

Brain Food (Shane Parrish): Here is your weekly dose of Brain Food, a signal in a world full of noise. Breaking Smart (VGR): Seeking serendipity through technology  Buried Reads (Morrils): Buried Reads for Startups is sent weekly on Saturday morning. It includes the best blog posts that week from founders and venture capitalists. We read… Continue reading May ’19: Interesting Newsletters I Subscribe To

Switching from Audible to Scribd…^ Some Links Related to Audio

When somebody mentions "audiobook" there's a high probability you'd probably think of the Amazon-owned entity, "Audible". I, too, did for the longest time. I didn't even think anyone else offered audiobooks. Plus, I've been on an Audible annual subscription for about two years now. Tweeting on something related to this, Jackson tweeted back basically saying:… Continue reading Switching from Audible to Scribd…^ Some Links Related to Audio

2019-01: Finding a new daily routine

This week's definitely been one of the hardest I've had in a while as there's been a lot of changes in my day to day: living in India, inconsistent daily patterns, starting to work again though this time remotely and in the opposite timezone, a missing workouts, and trying to balance spending time with family,… Continue reading 2019-01: Finding a new daily routine