Simple Advice for Good Health

The best advice is the simplest.

The simplest advice is the hardest to follow.

This has roughly been my take away from the last week where I’ve been in and out of the hospital πŸ₯ on what I need to do to deal with my situation but also most health related ones:

  • Sleep enough
  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise regularly

Story time:

Last Saturday night, my body broke out in rashes without an apparent cause. Something that I had never experienced before. It was annoying at first but eventually turned painful. I barely slept over the rest of the night attempted to temper the sensation by scratching my burning body.

On Sunday morning, we went to the hospital and got some shots for an allergic reaction which provided temporary relief.

By Monday, my body was going crazy and once again I felt extremely fatigued. Once again, I was back at the hospital getting more shots still treating it as an allergic reaction. Only this time, it made things worse.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I woke up with my entire body red in rashes and unable to look at myself in the mirror. Back at the hospital again, the doctors were beginning to suspect more and ordered many tests and then gave me more shots. I waited for the test results to arrive which would give us clarity on whether it was something worse (viral infection, bacterial infection) or still something more benign, an allergic reaction. By the late afternoon, the test results arrived and much to my relief the doctors went back to suspecting just the latter: an allergy attack. Specifically, being allergic to food colouring and certain additives combined with my body having a very high IGe levels (~388 vs the normal cutoff being below 100) which roughly translates to when you have a reaction you’ll have a severe one. What made it worse was likely a low immunity due to poor sleeping and eating habits, and being in a new environment.

The immediate change that was recommended was to eat only home-made food for the foreseeable future until we confirm the hypothesis and allow my body to heal.

However, the long-term recommendations from the doctor aside from double-checking for certain ingredients was to 1) ensure I sleep enough, 2) eat healthier (and at home), and ) exercise regularly, to lead a healthier life with reduced chances of allergy attacks in the future and better chance to fight them off.

Of course, I had another new reality about myself to live with but as I read that part of the the doctor’s advice on my way home I couldn’t help but sit astounded at the magnitude of the impact doing those three things have on one’s physical and mental health.

The advice sounds so simple but are relatively hard to follow. One part of me worries that the reason it is so hard to follow is because it is so simple. So easy to dismiss while looking for a more complex ways to achieve healthier outcomes. This week’s episode was a great reminder for me that sometimes the best advice is the simplest and must try hard to follow it.

As for me, I’m on medication this week and next to kickstart my body again and have been advised to only eat home-cooked meals. Excited to be back at full-health again and getting better at being looped into a healthier routine.

Also, I feel so lucky to have been at home while this happened because I am not sure things would’ve been so smooth without the support of my parents.

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